Friday, December 10, 2010

The Annual Chritmas card

I have sent a Christmas card of some sort out for 12 years now. I've tried the basic card with just the picture of both kids and my husband and I and also just the kids. One year I did a collage of pictures and a letter on the back. The crafty Christmas card also was alot of fun during my scrapbooking phase but it did take some time and I'm not sure if it was as cherished to others as it was to me. So I guess my question is what kind of Christmas card to people like receiving? Do you actually read the letter that is two pages long and tells about each member including the dog? :) Do you like the quick two sentence per person fact sheet? Or does the picture do just fine? To be brutally honest, if you are a mother of 4 and are usually the taxi as well as the cook, teacher, councelor, and friend and you send me a Christmas card with an entire letter I am most likely going to skim through the facts when I have a second to breathe. Then again maybe I need to just take a deeper breath and make it more of a priority? My neice does a really nice picture every year with a letter that has about 2 to 3 short sentences on each person. I love this idea because you get the facts without the fluff. I beleive there is a time for the fluff, just not during the holidays and not in a letter. Save the fluff for your dinning table and Christmas decor :)

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  1. Hey Katrina! Great post!!! Have fun blogging. I love it.